Between 1-8th of July 2013, the Youth Association from Transylvania has implemented the youth exchang called Unemployed vs Employee in Cristuru Secuiesc, Romania.

The 8 day exchange gathered 38 young participants who were unemployed, finishing studies or working, from Armenia, Georgia, Iceland, Romania, Slovaka, Tunisia and Turkey. The project was financed by the European Commission through the funding of the Youth in Action Programme. The main topic of the project was unemployment and how the unemployed can get better in acquiring a secure job. The objectives of the project were to make the participants realise the overall situation in the greater European area regarding unemployment, to find possible solutions to these problems and to create tutorial videos which show these solutions to any unemployed youth who might need such help. Beside this, a direct impact on the local community, intercultural dialogue and cultural understanding was also between project priorities.

   All the activities done were carried out to meet these objectives and priorities. In this context, we had an introduction phase where participants got to know one another. 

After this we got to understand the overall situation by having presentations on unemployment in the guest countries and by having guests who offered an overall image of the Romanian state of affairs. After this we used various non formal methods to find solutions and the solutions that were found were then grouped on main topics and were made into workshop groups for 5 tutorial movies. In the next days we planned, filmed and pre-edited these movies. On the last days we did future planning and evaluation activities.

      Between these activities, we also had cultural nights, language lessons, energizers and other team building and group dynamic activities such as visits to the city and SighiÈ™oara, which ensured a good progress to the project and plenty cultural learning.